Thursday, October 30, 2008

If at first you don't succeed! Start Again? Of Course!

Yes I've started again, bought the new fabric 22 count Aida and I actually bought the right amount this time, Woo Hoo! Oh! Dear 3rd Oct.
I'm stitching with DMC 520...I've done some research and traditionally this sampler would have been stitched in 'red' but I just couldn't handle stitching in red so I've gone 'green'


samplerlover said...

Hi Joan,
Great start. What a pity about the first one. It is also another beautiful sampler. I quite like it in the green. It makes it more personal when you change things to your own likes.
My Sister sent me a really good Halloween email this morning. I will have to email it off to you = Sandra

Anonymous said...

I like green too, and I am so glad you have the right amount of fabric this time.
Judy B

Living said...

Have you tried doing miniature cross stitch for your dollhouses?