Friday, October 3, 2008

Oh! Dear and I'm Pleased

Oh! Dear... The pattern for Bristol Fashion arrived on Tuesday Woo Hoo! and whats wrong with stitching two projects at a time? Nothing at last evening I made preparations to do just that. I already had some fabric, beautiful 28 count evenweave. I cut the fabric, basted the edges, found the middle...and started...stitched all of the little ship and the verse top and bottom, looked lovely. 11.30, should be off to bed, I am sat looking at my handy work and suddenly realised I had cut the fabric to the size of the stitching, no borders for framing. How could I have done that? So its back to the drawing board or to Stitchers Corner to buy some more fabric. Not pleased with me.
I'm pleased...The Spanish Mystery is coming along really easy to stitch...very relaxing.


Ginnie said...

Hi Joan
thanks for visiting my blog. Just looked at your stuff, I have the same little needlecase as you!!
I have also bought fabric the wrong size by looking at the design area instead of the fabric size.... luckily I worked it out before I started stitching! What a nuisance!!

freetobeme - Anita said...

What beautiful work you do! I'm impressed! Thanks for visiting my blog and becoming a 'follower'! I just love all the new friends I'm making!

miksje130 said...

I love the colours in Spanish Mystery, very pretty!